M C Planck
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer


The Kassa Gambit

Tor, 8th January 2013

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Layers of Thought
The Qwillery
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To Read or Not to Read
Starmetal Oak Reviews

"A highly auspicious debut." - Kirkus Reviews

"I haven't had my spine chilled by paranoia this strong since I first read Frank Herbert's Dune." - Dave Duncan, author of The Seventh Sword

"Thriller, political novel, and space opera all rolled into one, with a touch of romance as well, where you can't help cheering for the protagonists, even as you wonder exactly how they'll managed to pull it out." - L.E.Modesitt, Jr., author of the Recluse Saga

"Layers of intrigue unfold in this star-spanning tale of a far-flung humanity." - Paul Melko, author of Singularity's Ring and The Broken Universe
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